The Crossing Forest Row

Community Supported Agriculture

The Crossing Community Supported Agriculture scheme supplies harvest shares to members. Our weekly boxes are delivered Friday mornings to One The Square, Forest Row, East Sussex and contain a wide variety of vegetables and top fruits grown in a one acre no-dig polyculture.

To achieve our aims, we use an Agro-ecology design, implemented by Biologic Design. Inspired by the Regenerative Agriculture movement and Permaculture Principles, Community involvement, WWOOF uk, A Biochar Stove and mindfulness.

Want to know more about Regenerative Agriculture? Watch this amazing short film about an 4th generation industrial agricultural COWBOY Farmer, who turned his degenerated farm land into an oasis, teaming with life, in only 15 years.  It’s called “One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts” and sends a message of peace and plenty.

We also keep sheep, pigs and chickens. The Sheep help manage the pasture, move fertility about site and provide meat.  The Pigs keep the brambles and bracken at bay, eat up the acorns and provide meat.  The chickens live in a mobilecoop that moves fertility about the pasture, give us slug control and orange yolked pastured eggs.  Our CSA provides local food for local people. We have a Coop Co-op, 14 families share the care of a flock of laying hens.

Join the Coop Co-op! Join Pig Club! Join Lamb Share!  Sign up for a Harvest Share in our CSA!


Nothing is truly owned – only taken care of for future generations.

We celebrate seasonal markers in the wheel of the year.  Our role is to steward the Land. Our aim is to leave it in a better state than we found it. Our goal is maximum fertility with maximum biodiversity.  Biodiversity means adaptability, adaptability means resilience, resilience in our food systems is what we need to rise to the challenge of climate change.  We are aiming for maximum food production by human scale effort, without disturbing the highly complicated and little understood layers of microbial and fungal relationships that live beyond our understanding beneath the surface of the earth.

That is where the magic lies.

Please support this smallholding to defend the right to farm for good food & biodiversity, not for profit. Thank you.

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Our short film about Wairarapa Eco Farm CSA, now with captions. Be sure to check out for more free documentaries 🙂

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THIS SATURDAY 30th Sept, come see the market garden at The Crossing, looking super lush, meet the pigs, the sheep, the hens. It's the CSA network open day: Community Supported Agriculture, the way forward for direct sales between producers and consumers, for real food, real farming, real life ... See MoreSee Less


September 30, 2017, 1:00pm - September 30, 2017, 11:00am

Come and see the piglets, the sheep, the hens and wander around our no-dig garden which supplies 20 veg boxes a week through the year. There will be tours of the swale system, ponds and reservoirs an...

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