August Harvest

Wide selection of totally fresh, clean greens and vegetables August 2016, totally free from biocides of any description and grown in a no-dig polyculture: where the soil is REALLY ALIVE with micro-organisms.  When the soil is alive it grows vibrant food, and when we eat vibrant food we SHINE.

Last year’s abundance, lest we forget

The plants seem so small at this time of year and battling against the elements, battling the pigeons, the slugs, every year it’s the same, I always spend May in a slight panic, thinking the plants will never grow, then as the month progresses I am always relieved to see the garden lushing-up.  Remembering the abundance of 2015:


Lamb time

This time last year we were bottle feeding the sock lambs.  Now they’re 1 year olds known as “hoggets” and have just had their first shearing (really good looking sheep according to James the shearer, who shears about 2,500 sheep a year) They will be visited by the Romney ram lamb in December, so this time next year, in 2017, we’ll be seeing our first born, home grown lambs at The Crossing Community Supported Agriculture scheme.


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Yuletide Blessings

The Yin and the Yang, Mother Earth and Father Sky.  We must all care for the baby seed, lest Monsanto (and all the other industrial agri-chemical corps) claim all rights and we loose the power to produce our own food.

The Christmas Box’s of 2015 containing Liquorice root, Horseradish, Fennel Seed, Parsnip, Carrot, Jerusalem Artichokes, Occa (south american root), Lambs lettuce and kale with a complimentary yuletide willow wreath.