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mineral-depletion-of-foods-1940-2002 read this scientific study about how mineral content of our foods has decreased on average by 40% since the second world war.

down-to-earth-solutions-to-climate-change from The Rodale Institute

Food is medicine – Grandma Alchemy’s Kitchen –

Grey water treatment and so much more: Biologic Design –

How we can build deep dark indestructable soil: Soil Carbon Regeneration –

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, an army of the global village ready and willing to get their hands in the earth: WWOOF UK –

47% increase in Biodiversity since our work at The Crossing began Рread our Biodiversity Study and Ecological Management Plan  РPlan

Rural Appraisal commissioned by the Local Planning Authority that concluded that it is necessary to dwell onsite to fulfill the aims of our business plan – Appraisal


Read the conclusion of this report to understand the urgency with which we must all act – Government Report on Soil Health