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mineral-depletion-of-foods-1940-2002 read this scientific study about how mineral content of our foods has decreased on average by 40% since the second world war.

down-to-earth-solutions-to-climate-change from The Rodale Institute

Food is medicine – Grandma Alchemy’s Kitchen –

Grey water treatment and so much more: Biologic Design –

How we can build deep dark indestructable soil: Soil Carbon Regeneration –

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, an army of the global village ready and willing to get their hands in the earth: WWOOF UK –

47% increase in Biodiversity since our work at The Crossing began – read our Biodiversity Study and Ecological Management Plan  – Plan

Rural Appraisal commissioned by the Local Planning Authority that concluded that it is necessary to dwell onsite to fulfill the aims of our business plan – Appraisal


Read the conclusion of this report to understand the urgency with which we must all act – Government Report on Soil Health