Collectively owned little porkers, we have a boar and sow known as Bugsy and Rita, who are expressing their piggy-ness, and becoming members of the team that tend the land at The Crossing: turning the soil, fertilising and weeding.

Their three little piglets shall remain nameless, but are busy at their work, we are thankful for their amazing ability to turn weeds and excess root crops into good fat.  They enjoy a diet of sprouted beans and barley which are activated and grown for 7 days before feeding.  We are also grateful to Seasons the Organic Grocers in the village who give us all their spoiled produce.

Kune Kune Pigs are originally from New Zealand and are very gentle and enjoy human company.  I’ve heard that Kune Kune (pronounced Koo-ni) means Tasty Tasty in Maori.  We’ll see next year in autumn 2017

If you like the sound of this project and would like to be involved, do get in touch with Emma 07976 296 364.