The Crossing is a Community Supported Agriculture Scheme and smallholding, working with closed-loop energy systems, providing affordable local food, free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for the people of Forest Row.

It is our mission to use Agro-ecology to maximise food production whilst re-engaging local people into agriculture and letting all life thrive (even slugs have a purpose). We are creating a resilient landscape, both drought-tolerant and flood-resistant, in our no-dig garden we grow vegetables in a polyculture where mutually beneficial relationships between plant species are enabled. Our soil is teeming with life, and so are our vegetables.

Any questions? call Emma on 07976 296 364. – read more about Jay Abrahams work with water in the landscape, swale creation and WET systems for grey water treatment. – read more about Ed Revill’s work on building deep dark virtually indestructable soil, on a small scale.

Using Biochar from our home heating and hot water system we are building soil as we capture carbon and lock it into a fertile growing medium.