Paleo Coaching

Paleo Coaching courses are run every half term usually from 11am til 12 noon at The Crossing, Forest Row.  For 1 hour a week over 6 weeks we gather for motivation, inspiration and transformation, sharing life changing information: Food is Medicine.  Also, one-off Paleo Intensives can be arranged within a 40-mile radius of Forest Row, when we come to you 10am til 4pm for cookery demos and tastings.

Email Emma at You can also buy the 6-week course recorded and made available online

IMG_3138 What is Paleo?

Paleo refers to a way of eating, that an imagined Palaeolithic man may have been used to, before the dawning of the age of agriculture and grain production, before the dawning of the age of the refrigerator.  Paleo explores how man may have sustained the tribe on whole foods: Vegetables and fruits, leaves, roots, shoots, berries, nuts, seeds, meats and fish. Sources of food are as clean as possible, from small scale producers, the meats especially, from pasture fed sources, or from the wild.

Although not strictly paleo, as we enjoy some dairy, we aim to empower people as Food Sovereigns and Alchemists of the Kitchen.  Reclaiming our responsibility for our own health, transforming the family dynamic from inflamed and angry, to glowing and golden. Covering Gut Flora, Gut Disbiosis, Leaky Gut and Chronic illness. Healing and Sealing the gut. Alternatives to the ‘opiates of the masses’ (wheat and sugar). Home made probiotics at a fraction of the cost of over the counter pills.

Based on the work of Dr Natasha Campbell McBride with G.A.P.S., and The Weston A Price Foundation.  There is no disease, only deficiency.

Paleo cooking demos: The Stock Pot, Paleo baking, Fermented foods, how to make them, how to enjoy them, and new ideas to transform your kitchen habits and your life.  Email Go to for more information.



“Emma’s Paleo coaching course was fantastic. I found it both informative and inspiring and my whole family are now enjoying the benefits of eating a much cleaner diet. Emma’s practical demonstrations were very helpful and much more motivating than the hundreds of books on the subject. I met some lovely people and will miss our Wed sessions”  Tina Fielding

“Big THANK YOU for Saturday’s Paleo Coaching session Emma.  It looks as though the combination of Paleo Diet, Green Smoothies and deep relaxation seems to be bringing about a REAL improvement in the Psoriasis that I have had for 40+ years.”  Jivan West

“Life changing”  Maria Green

“Still using your muffin recipe a year on” Emily Blows

“I’ve lost so much weight, having been a foodie for over 40 years, I thought I knew a lot. It’s difficult to get around the brain washing around ‘fats'” Cilla Roberts